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Duration: 12 weeks



Duration: 12 weeks



Duration: 12 weeks

Fitness Transformations


Duration: 12 weeks



Duration: 12 weeks

Client Testimonials


Daniel Ricciardo

Formula One Driver

“I’ve been working with Michael for 3 years and feel he is the complete professional. I always feel I’m in great hands and completely trust him with my health and fitness. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else. He’s the guy!”

Scotty James

Scott James

Professional Snowboarder

“There are many personal trainers “out there”, but few personal trainers who have the vast amount of specialized, knowledgeable and experience to their training methods as Michael does.”

Marcus Stoinis

Marcus Stoinis

Professional Australian Cricketer

"Michael always delivers when you need him, not just from a training perspective but also from a nutritional aspect and understanding specific needs for each individual."

Will Hahn

Ex-Supercross Rider

"Michael has been awesome to work with in teaching me significant training methods to adopt to advance my riding performance."

David Le’aupepe

Lead singer of Gang of Youths

"In just 2 months training with Michael I've seen a remarkable improvement in my fitness, strength and definition. His enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism has greatly encouraged me to achieve my goals."

Nic Reid

Nic Reid

Professional Footballer

"I initially came on board as Michaels apprentice coach where he developed my confidence as a coach and taught me valuable life lessons."

Chris Atkinson

Professional Rally Driver

"Throughout my racing career I have always known the importance of fitness and preparation for success. Working with Michael has taken this to another level".


Motorsport Advanced Program

"I really enjoy your program, I’m still doing the motorsport program! I’m feeling stronger mentally and physically :) The website I think is amazing, easy to understand, it’s very good! Thank you so much for the help :) "


Weight Loss Beginner Program

" I already feel small changes. I am very motivated, I like the workouts, I like how they challenge me and I will certainly continue with the workouts."


Bodyweight Intermediate Program

"The programs I have used have been great, I feel more toned and stronger than ever! Can't thank you enough."


Bodyweight & Kettlebell Beginner Programs

"I have currently completed two of Michael's training programs. The application is very intuitive and easy to use, the techniques are very well explained by the coach Michael Italiano on his videos."


Bodyweight Beginner Program

"I found myself in the midst of lockdown here in the states with very little equipment at home. The bodyweight program, the ab blaster, and the instagram workouts have been lifesavers! Also your playlists are absolute perfection!"


Bodyweight Beginner Program & Weight Loss Beginner Program

"Michael’s program is definitely a game changer for me. His workouts are easy to follow, straightforward, have a good variety of different exercises, and have helped me to build a positive lifestyle getting the results that I was looking for."


Bodyweight Beginner Program

"I did the Bodyweight Beginner Program before. While being in this time of isolation etc. It has helped me with my blood flow and keep me active, now that gyms are open I've started training consistently again. Overall, I've been very happy with how the program worked and probably was the jump start for me to join a gym again."

    The team

    Michael Italiano


    Cody Cianfagna

    Yoga Instructor

    Joe Hill


    Becs Sandwith


    Michael is the founder of MI Coaching Ltd and the performance coach to Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo, specialising in strength and conditioning in motorsport.

    About Michael

    Michael Italiano


    Starting his fitness career as a personal trainer, Australian-born Michael Italiano now spends his time on the Formula One circuit as the Performance Coach for Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo. Specialising in strength and conditioning, Michael’s elite level coaching has risen him to the forefront of the fitness industry. His work ethic and high standards have proven to deliver successful results time and time again. His results have provided him with the opportunity to work with many industry leading brands worldwide.

    In 2020 Michael created his global online coaching platform which caters to any fitness level and any fitness goal. Breaking the mould of traditional coaching, Michael strives to deliver a premium health and fitness experience for all his clients, helping them tackle their challenges, conquer their fears and achieve their desired results.

    “Not everyone’s fitness journey is the same. Each has a different story. Challenges arise, setbacks occur, but through this we learn to conquer and to grow. Our mission is to join our clients on their personal journey and to help shape their story,”

    His energetic approach allows individuals to thrive by providing every tool they need to accomplish their goals and tell their own story. Michael’s experience and knowledge along with his team of health and fitness experts, understand what is takes to succeed. He aims to build a resilient MI coaching community helping individuals become the best version of themselves and dream big.

    Cody is a dynamic, fiery and passionate Yoga Teacher. Founder of the Earth Pulls Yoga and Freediving Retreats run around the world.  She welcomes and challenges you to push beyond your edges.

    About Cody

    Cody Cianfagna

    Yoga Instructor

    Cody has travelled around the world experiencing first-hand the connections that can be made, with people sharing this human experience. Her travels brought her into closer connection with herself. She has chased her “wild-fire” and felt drawn to teaching yoga, as a natural progression. Cody soon learned that it was her purpose to ignite that wild fire within each of us and help to discover what it is that moves us. Cody skilfully guides you through asana, pranayama and meditation techniques to help calm the murmurings of mind and allow the focus to turn inwards

    “Yoga is really an extension or a taste of my soul”

    Cody is the founder of Earth Pulls Yoga and freediving Retreats, and runs them every year around the world. Having a consistent practice herself for over ten years she challenges you to question, to explore and to play. With a deep and soulful practice, hoping to uplift you along the way.

    A world-class chef with over 15 years of experience, producing the most amazing and delicious meals for the MI Community that the entire family can enjoy.

    About Joe

    Joe Hill


    London chef Joe Hill trained under Gordon Ramsey and Jean-George Vongerichten before entering the Soho House phenomenon at Dean St Townhouse. He soon took over as Head Chef at Soho House’s central flagship members club, and later at its new East London city retreat, Shoreditch House. Feeling the need to branch out and explore new possibilities, Joe started up his own consultancy, and adding his 5 years of design experience to his 15 of chef-ing, he was able to inspire restaurants and their teams to break the mould, and bring a new and exciting dimension to the dining experience.

    After moving from the capital for a more family centred life by the sea, Joe took up the position of Head Chef at the well-known local restaurant Wyatt and Jones, bringing sophistication to its fish-based menus. But Joe has always dreamed of having his own small intimate meeting place – and more recently opened ‘The Table’ – where he can concentrate on sourcing local seasonal produce to create his small plate sensations. Joe recently became executive head chef of Margate’s Albion Rooms – the Libertine’s newly opened gothic/punk recording studio/guest house/dining rooms, which are already a local sensation. With a growing interest in health and nutrition, Joe continues to explore new possibilities, consulting on a wide range of projects, while nurturing his own creative hub.

    Becs is a fully qualified nutritionist after studying a BSc in Nutrition, followed by a MSc at UCL. Becs is also a personal trainer and coach who fully understands the importance of both training and nutrition.

    About Becs

    Becs Sandwith


    My passion for health, food and fitness led me to complete a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition, followed by a Master’s specialising in clinical nutrition and eating disorders. My studies enabled me to become a registered associate nutritionist with the AfN, which I complement with personal training and coaching too.

    I understand nutrition can be extremely confusing and it can be hard to keep up with who and what to believe. I’m passionate to educate others about healthy nutrition and positive mindset in order to fulfil individual needs and goals. A journey to a specific goal should be a challenge in a good way, it should never feel restrictive or feel like a chore. I want everyone to be able to eat well and train hard in order to feel their absolute best in their skin.

    Having previously competed as a swimmer and gymnast and now being a Cross-Fitter with the intention to compete, I know first-hand how crucial nutrition is for performance and recovery.

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