I can’t remember there ever being a time in my life where I wasn’t involved in sport.  Growing up, the only books I would read would be based around health, fitness or sports, books ranging anywhere from educational resources to athlete biographies.

During my teenage years I was really skinny and struggled to put on any weight. I remember walking into a gym for the first time at the age of 15 without any clue of how to gain muscle mass. This for me was where it all began. It was the start of my obsession to achieve my personal goal of putting on mass and put me on a path to become a stronger and faster athlete.


As my fitness knowledge advanced so did my sporting career, and the gratifying feeling of working hard in the gym and seeing the results on the football field was something I soon became addicted to. Through this personal journey my passion and eagerness to learn and grow in the fitness industry began.

I eventually made the jump in my 20’s and started studying on a full-time basis to become a fully qualified coach. After much studying and by applying the same techniques that I had learnt on myself, I formulated my own unique methods and began applying it others.

During my initial time as a coach, I learnt very quickly that helping others achieve their goals was even more rewarding and gratifying then my first ever fitness journey was as a teenager. I recognised and appreciated the role that a coach plays, and have not looked back since.


Daniel Ricciardo
(Formula One Driver)


“I have been working with Michael for 3 years and feel he is the complete professional. I always feel I’m in great hands and completely trust him with my health and fitness. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else. He’s the guy!”



I want to share the knowledge I have in the health & fitness industry to make a difference to the lives of more than just the individual. I first started my coaching career with over 50+ clients, ranging from beginners to athletes, all of which I individually programmed their fitness plans, tailored nutritional needs and provided unlimited support when needed. With my clients’ dedication to their goals, we achieved some outstanding and life changing results which can be seen on the transformation section of my website.

Since transitioning to a performance coach working solely with Daniel, I came to the realization that I still have the burning desire to coach others outside the professional sporting arena, to help them achieve their goals and help transform their lives. Through my online platform I will have the ability and resources available to help clients globally in reaching their own fitness goals.


Where am I based?

Originally, I’m from sunny Perth, Western Australia, where I left two years ago to move to London, United Kingdom to start a career as a Formula One coach. The majority of the Formula One races are held in and around Europe which guided my decision in moving to the UK and basing myself more centrally to the F1 calendar. I move back and forth between London and Monaco throughout the year where I do most of my coaching with Daniel. In-between follows with many hours in the air flying to each race throughout the year.


How do racers train?

A common question I always get asked is what type of training do I assign to a formula one driver. As with most clients, there’s always an element of being specific to the client’s needs, however there are fundamental exercises and training regimes we stick to that keep Daniel in the best possible shape all year round.

Areas of interest are his posterior chain; hamstrings, glutes and lower back are the dominant muscles bearing the braking loads. Also the neck, which withstands G-forces produced by the car during high speeds through corners.

Cardiovascular conditioning is an incredibly important aspect of training due to the demanding nature of driving in hot conditions for the duration of two hours. As is strength training. Being able to control the car is very important in enhancing drivability and preventing muscle fatigue, and being strong helps massively with this.