5 top tips for staying healthy while travelling

Whether you are travelling for work or for pleasure, it can sometimes be difficult to make healthy choices when you are out of routine. I am a huge advocate for enjoying holidays and being more relaxed with food choices; however, if you are someone who is fairly health conscious and loves a healthy lifestyle (exercise and a nutritious diet), you know how food makes you feel. I am sure we all know the feeling of being away, out of our usual diet and exercise routine and suddenly you don’t really feel yourself. Perhaps you feel lower in energy, maybe more peaks and dips in energy, maybe your mood has taken a bit of a hit and maybe even your confidence too. We know a healthy lifestyle can have a huge impact on how we feel, so when travelling we still want to feel our best both on the trip and on the return.

I have five top tips to help navigate your way through your trips to make healthier choices.