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Daniel Ricciardo’s trainer reveals how you finely tune a Formula One driver

Just as the cars have been prepped, checked and tweaked prior to the new Formula One season, the same goes for the men inside them. When Daniel Ricciardo wakes up in his hotel room in Bahrain on Sunday, ahead of the first Grand Prix of the 2022 Formula One season, he will do as we all do and check his phone.

3 min read

Daniel Ricciardo: From withstanding searing heat to ‘fighting tension in the body,’ how F1 star’s performance coach prepares driver

Australian personal trainer Michael Italiano previously had little knowledge of Formula One, but that soon changed when he received a surprise text message from an old acquaintance. That message came from Formula One Daniel Ricciardo at the end of 2017

4 min read

Podcast: Performance Coach to Formula 1 Driver | Michael Italiano

The Neuro Experience with Louisa Nicola

It’s well known that F1 drivers are some of the fittest athletes in the world, but how do they train and what do they eat? What I didn’t know was that necks, shoulders, and an athlete’s overall core is under tremendous strain through every turn on every lap for the entire 90 minutes of a race.

40 mins

The F1 secret behind Jess’ 40kg transformation

When Jess Fleay’s doctor told her she had a 20-40 per cent chance of not making it to 60 compared to someone her age who was in a healthier weight range, she knew she needed to do something. Jess, who is from Perth, WA, had struggled with her weight for most of her life

3 min read

Lavender spray and saunas in tracksuits – getting fit for Formula One

For Daniel Ricciardo, Christmas Day was more about intensity than indulgence. The Formula One driver spent December 25 locked in quarantine with his personal trainer, Michael Italiano, pumping iron and working hard on the spin bike.

3 min read


F1 drivers are admittedly one of the best-trained endurance athletes on the planet. They have to be physically and mentally ready to race for hours in an uncomfortable position while manoeuvring some of the fastest vehicles men can drive.

3 min read

10 Lifestyle Factors Affecting Your Fitness Results

By Michael Italiano

Training is like a Jenga tower: when stabilising blocks are removed or strained, the structural integrity becomes compromised. You must play strategically to ensure your tower remains strong. There is no one formula for a balanced life.

4 min read

Express: Daniel Ricciardo coach on Saudi Arabian GP red flag mayhem – ‘Glad to be out of the drama’

A leading F1 performance coach has opened up on the “mayhem” caused among team staff in the pit lane by red flags, after last weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was stopped twice due to crashes. Given the nature of the new super-quick street circuit,

3 min read

Express: Daniel Ricciardo has enjoyed Ferrari battle as McLaren defeat labelled ‘a good thing’

Defeat in McLaren’s quest to finish at the top of the midfield in the F1 constructors’ championship will be a good thing for the team in the long run, according to Daniel Ricciardo’s performance coach. Michael Italiano, who has worked with the Australian racer since the end of the 2017 season

2 min read Daniel Ricciardo coach on ‘mayhem’ of Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen Saudi Arabia fight

Daniel Ricciardo’s performance coach Michael Italiano has weighed in on the ‘mayhem’ surrounding the Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen drama in Saudi Arabia. The Australian revealed what took place when the chaotic race in Jeddah on Sunday was red-flagged not once, but twice.

2 min read

CoachMag: 5 Rules For A Healthier Lifestyle

Personal trainer Michael Italiano, who works with F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, shares his tips for long-term, sustainable fitness gains. Being a Formula One driver is tough. Away from the glitz and glamour of racing in some of the world’s most desirable locations, drivers have to prepare their bodies to withstand

5 min read

Here’s How Formula 1 Drivers Stay Fit and Focused

As a renowned performance coach to McLaren F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, Michael Italiano knows a thing or two about elite level fitness training. For the past three years Italiano has devised specific training programs for Ricciardo, tailoring sessions to target the muscles he uses most and advising him on how to physically manage the ebbs and flows of the Formula 1 season.

3 min read


By Michael Italiano

We’ve all encountered some form of fitness barrier in our lives, and the realisation that it takes a degree of mental toughness to haul ourselves through it – sometimes while kicking and screaming! Here are 5 of the most common fitness barriers and my advice on how to overcome them.

5 min read

Podcast: Dermott Brereton in Conversation with Michael Italiano

The Conversations That Could for R U OK?

Join Dermott Brereton and our guest tonight Michael Italiano. This program and R U OK? are proudly supported by Dare Iced Coffee. When your mate bottles it up. . .a Dare fix won’t fix it. . .but a conversation could. Ask R U OK? Michael is the founder of MI Coaching and is a performance coach

48 mins

Debugging the Female Myth: Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulky

By Michael Italiano

We’ve become increasingly knowledgeable about training and nutrition over the last couple of decades. We no longer avoid carbs after 6 pm for fear of getting fat. We also don’t avoid cardio as much, despite being told that it leads to muscle loss. And, most of all, we no longer

4 min read

10 Best Ways To Burn Fat Effectively

By Michael Italiano

Regardless of whether you’re new to the fitness game or a seasoned veteran, shedding fat is most likely one of your top goals. And despite what many articles claim, there’s more to it than fad-diets, ‘magic’ powders and lots of cardio. With all the biochemical reactions, hormonal responses

4 min read

8 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Home Training

By Michael Italiano

Homebased training found its way into the spotlight in 2020, though it has never been limited to a pandemic-specific option. The rapid rise of home training is unsurprising, given its convenience and effectiveness and, of course, the current global circumstances. Suppose you’re new to the training from home lifestyle, welcome.

4 min read

9 Proven Ways To Build Your Leadership Skills

By Michael Italiano

Leadership is among the most prized individual and organisational assets. Being a leader – a true leader – is a conscious choice, and we all have the ability to develop the skills and traits required to rise to the challenge. From high school group projects to corporate hierarchies, leadership emerges in different

4 min read

Making the men behind the machines: We reveal the physical preparation it takes to race in Formula One

Herald Sun

They drive some of the most hi-tech machinery on the planet. But Formula One drivers themselves have to be perfectly tuned to withstand insane G-forces and searing cockpit temperatures while maintaining the concentration required to make split-second, life and death decisions.

7 min read

The move to McLaren ahead of the 2021 season

Parc Ferme

We caught up with Formula 1 Performance Coach, Michael Italiano, ahead of the 2021 season and the move to McLaren. It was great to learn more about Michael’s work, his relationship with Daniel Ricciardo and his own online training platform.

5 min read

How to develop a bulletproof mind like a pro athlete

By Michael Italiano

Many of us wonder what catapults professional athletes and Navy SEALS into a league of their own. The answer: mental toughness. It’s easy to be enthusiastic when things are going well, but holding steady and staying positive in times of competition, crisis and adversity is a trained mindset.

5 min read

Take a load off – 7 best ways to manage stress

By Michael Italiano

Stress is an inevitable factor in our modern lifestyles. The problem is, relentless or repeated exposure to stress can cause severe wear and tear on our bodies and minds. When our stress response systems are activated continuously, our cortisol levels stay elevated for longer than necessary.

6 min read

The ultimate blueprint for quality sleep, every night!

By Michael Italiano

Sleep is essential to improving wellbeing. Its influence extends far beyond just our energy levels. Sleep contributes to better memory, concentration and productivity. It acts as an immunity booster and helps prevent multiple health risks. Logging 7-9 hours of sleep per night is just as crucial to our health

5 min read

How to Self-Motivate Like An F1 Driver

Competitive sport has always been in Michael Italiano’s DNA he says, he started playing football at the age of five and hasn’t stopped competing in other forms of sports since. Although he claims that AFL and boxing are his true sporting passions, he first got involved in the world

4 min read

The 10 Fitness Coaches Doing Things Differently

Fitness is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and is used by many to not only build themselves physically, but also mentally. Most people have some kind of fitness goal. However, seemingly very few of them ever reach them. Why? Often it comes down to mindset, discipline and accountability

10 min read

Podcast: Dan Churchill’s The Epic Table – How to Train Formula 1 Drivers with Michael Italiano

Podcast: Dan Churchill's The Epic Table

In this episode, Michael delves into his past, starting off his early career as an architect and civil engineer, and how he diverted to fitness and performance. We then talk about the intricacies of how Formula 1 drivers perform, the three biological challenges they face

1 hour 8 min

Podcast: The Abi Khan Show – Michael Italiano – Performance Coach to Daniel Ricciardo

Podcast: The Abi Khan Show

Michael Italiano is the performance coach to Daniel Ricciardo who is one of the best Formula 1 drivers in the world right now. We speak about Michael’s unexpected introduction to the fitness industry and by following his passion had the opportunity to work with Daniel and get to travel the world with him.

49 min

This is how Ricciardo does his push-ups: his trainer gives top tips!

Als de corona-onderbreking coureurs ergens de tijd voor heeft gegeven, dan is het wel trainen. Check de Instagram van de gemiddelde Formule 1-ster en hij werkt zich wel ergens (vaak op een zonnige locatie) in het zweet. Daniel Ricciardo’s trainer Michael Italiano legt in het nieuwste magazine van FORMULE 1

2 min read

The Daniel Ricciardo Workout: Aussie Home Edition

We all have to make do from time to time, especially in recent months given the state of the world. Not even McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo was immune, having resorted to ripping some curls using whatever he found lying around, and smacking a tyre up in his backyard just to get a decent workout.

3 min read

Formula 1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo Hits the Gas on His Home Workout

F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo spent time quarantining on a farm in western Australia, and while he was there, he used the location as the perfect setup to keep his training going. Ricciardo depended on his performance coach, Michael Italiano, who’s been working with Ricciardo for more than three years

4 min read

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