From Hydration to Transformation: The Surprising Ways Water Intake Impacts Your Physical and Mental Well-Being

A key factor you might be forgetting about… water intake!

Today we are diving into the topic of hydration.

When we think about changing our diet and lifestyle, water intake is often overlooked and forgotten; however, your fluid intake might be the key factor you are failing and is one of the most simple habits to change. Ensuring that you are drinking enough fluids helps keep fluid levels in the body where they need to be in order for all bodily functions to occur.

We as humans are roughly 60% water – the brain and heart are made up 73%, and your lungs 83%, which highlights the importance of ensuring you drink enough fluids daily. Although we are all unique and everyone will require a slightly different amount of water, aim for between 2 and 2.5 litres per day as a general guideline to fulfil essential body functions. If you are an athlete, for example, or are in a hot climate, you will need to consume more to account for loss through sweat.

Our cells, organs and tissues require water to function, including to help maintain body temperature, remove waste and for optimal brain functioning. We are constantly losing water from the body, primarily through sweat, urine and respiring.

Water consumption is vital for digestion and good gut health, particularly for keeping everything moving and preventing constipation. Digestion begins with saliva, which is predominantly water and then uses the enzymes found in saliva to help break down the food we consume. As well as helping to break food down, water helps to make nutrients more accessible to the body, delivering them to where they are needed. Our kidneys and liver also use water to help excrete waste.

Adequate water intake can also have a substantial positive effect on skin health.

If you frequently suffer from low mood and low energy levels, look at your current water intake, as this could play a significant role.