How Resolute Action Increases Competitive Achievement

How many times have you heard “Happy New Year” so far in 2023?

As the new year revs up, people get excited about the prospect of a new beginning. But how many times does a new year bring you much of the same? The same degree of happiness, the same level of production, or the same level of accomplishment

The same is true of sports. Most athletes get excited at the start of a new season. They dream big dreams and set new goals. It’s a fresh beginning in hopes of having a breakout year.

However, dreams can be thwarted pretty quickly. The reason is that athletes often “hope” they “have” a good season. Hope is a passive concept that lacks action. Mere hope is why new year’s resolutions often fail and why many athletes fall short of success.

Successful athletes don’t wait for success; they go after success. When you invest in purposeful action, you increase your chances of accomplishment exponentially.

Of course, all accomplishment starts with a resolution or goal. However, work is the motor that drives you forward. I am not talking about aimless work, where you go through the motions. Putting in “time” isn’t an effective strategy for success. Little will change if an athlete attends a practice or training session for two hours without purposeful action. With that strategy, you are not much further along the path to achieving something meaningful.

Success and overcoming adversity require thoughtful and intentional action. Success comes from relentless effort and a resolute mindset where obstacles, losses, unfortunate events, and bad days are mere challenges to overcome, not roadblocks.