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Secrets from the Chef’s Cupboard: Elevate Everyday Meals with These Essential Ingredients

By Joe Hill

Here are the 12 fundamental essentials that I always have stocked in my kitchen cupboards to make any simple dish into a star meal. Soy sauce/Tamari. Soy sauce is a flavour enhancer, tenderiser and used in marinades, dips and stir-fries. Soy sauce does contain wheat, so if you are gluten-intolerant, look for tamari sauce instead. The better the quality, the less you need to use. You can also find reduced salt Japanese soy sauce.

2 min read

Good mood food

By Joe Hill

Given we’ve just gone into another lockdown here in the UK, I wanted to talk about the importance of your mental health and mood. Especially in these crazy times, it’s so important to talk about how we are feeling and doing mentally.

3 min read

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