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How to Self-Motivate Like An F1 Driver

Competitive sport has always been in Michael Italiano’s DNA he says, he started playing football at the age of five and hasn’t stopped competing in other forms of sports since. Although he claims that AFL and boxing are his true sporting passions, he first got involved in the world

4 min read

The 10 Fitness Coaches Doing Things Differently

Fitness is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and is used by many to not only build themselves physically, but also mentally. Most people have some kind of fitness goal. However, seemingly very few of them ever reach them. Why? Often it comes down to mindset, discipline and accountability

10 min read

Podcast: Dan Churchill’s The Epic Table – How to Train Formula 1 Drivers with Michael Italiano

Podcast: Dan Churchill's The Epic Table

In this episode, Michael delves into his past, starting off his early career as an architect and civil engineer, and how he diverted to fitness and performance. We then talk about the intricacies of how Formula 1 drivers perform, the three biological challenges they face

1 hour 8 min

Podcast: The Abi Khan Show – Michael Italiano – Performance Coach to Daniel Ricciardo

Podcast: The Abi Khan Show

Michael Italiano is the performance coach to Daniel Ricciardo who is one of the best Formula 1 drivers in the world right now. We speak about Michael’s unexpected introduction to the fitness industry and by following his passion had the opportunity to work with Daniel and get to travel the world with him.

49 min

This is how Ricciardo does his push-ups: his trainer gives top tips!

Als de corona-onderbreking coureurs ergens de tijd voor heeft gegeven, dan is het wel trainen. Check de Instagram van de gemiddelde Formule 1-ster en hij werkt zich wel ergens (vaak op een zonnige locatie) in het zweet. Daniel Ricciardo’s trainer Michael Italiano legt in het nieuwste magazine van FORMULE 1

2 min read

The Daniel Ricciardo Workout: Aussie Home Edition

We all have to make do from time to time, especially in recent months given the state of the world. Not even McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo was immune, having resorted to ripping some curls using whatever he found lying around, and smacking a tyre up in his backyard just to get a decent workout.

3 min read

Formula 1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo Hits the Gas on His Home Workout

F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo spent time quarantining on a farm in western Australia, and while he was there, he used the location as the perfect setup to keep his training going. Ricciardo depended on his performance coach, Michael Italiano, who’s been working with Ricciardo for more than three years

4 min read

Daniel Ricciardo’s performance coach: “There always has to be time to learn and rest”

Michael and Daniel met when they were kids, and they kept in touch ever since. Two years ago, Michael started coaching Daniel. The trainer didn’t hesitate and moved to London to focus on one single client. Michael notes: “It’s weird to change from training 30-40 clients to use all of your energy on one person;

2 min read

The training of F1 driver | Interview with Michael Italiano – Daniel Ricciardo’s performance coach

F1 and other racing series aren’t only about driving a car. Before getting behind a steering wheel the driver must have done a lot of activities. The physical training is one of the most important of them. Michael Italiano, Daniel Ricciardo’s performance coach, spoke to us by answering questions.

3 min read

What it actually takes to train like an F1 Driver

The year is slowly, but surely is coming to an end, and so it is time for our annual Supplement Guide! We look at supplement trends and products, what they actually do, and give you our top pics of what to look for on store shelves.

2 min read

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